Mango Salsa


When the most reputable source for journalism and world news declared mangoes as the tastiest health food ever, I had no objections. It wasn’t clear if there were actually any other foods in the running or how they came to this conclusion, but I am in no place to argue. A lot of different things can be said about mangoes. They are orange (duh) and have a very pretty colored peel that sort of reminds me of a parrot. Mangoes are an enigma – hard to cut, messy to eat, but you know what? They taste so damn good that it doesn’t even matter. Continue reading

Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies


To forgive or be forgiven is not a dilemma we are often faced with. Unless, there was a lot of alcohol involved the night before and you don’t remember exactly who is at fault. Whatever. Does everyone around here watch the Mindy Project? If yes, then we probably have a lot to talk about and laugh about and most likely become best friends about. If not, then you can stop reading and go watch the show in its entirety. Come back when you’re done. Continue reading

Watermelon, Lime and Mint Smoothie


A few weeks ago, while listening to Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” for the 36th time in a row, I noticed her saying, and I quote, “I’ve been drinking watermelon.” I wasn’t totally sure that’s what she had said so I asked a friend who was also not sure. There was a crisis on my hands and since I didn’t think to google the lyrics of the song, by the grace of god I came across this awesome video verifying that yes, Beyonce was in fact singing about drinking watermelon. Continue reading

Patatas Bravas with Garlic Aioli and Tomato Sauce


The past few months have brought up a travel itch in me. I started wondering how I could make this happen and my thoughts quickly turned into daydreams. Some unknowing sucker would think it was a good idea to offer me a food related travel show. We would travel to all of the amazing places that I have been dreaming of visiting. I would stuff my face, they would film. Maybe I’d talk about what I was gorging on, but I think I would prefer to be left in peace as I enjoy my food. Filming would end and then we’d start all over again the next day. You’d watch that right? Me too. Continue reading

Lamb Meatballs with Spicy Tomato Sauce

IMG_3533 2

I believe that knowing a foreign language is a special privilege in life. Luckily for me, I have the advantage of knowing two. The first, Russian was ingrained into my brain from age zero since it was the primary language spoken in my home. When I entered preschool I didn’t know a word of English and was placed in the ESL (English as Second Language) group (thanks mom). My mother continued this torture known as learning the Russian language throughout my adolescence. Private Russian lessons were usually followed by inquiries and demands into knowing exactly I had done to be subjugated to such torture and what was driving her to ruin my life?

Continue reading

Mango Lime Cupcakes


The last few weeks, Israel has been facing some tumultuous times, to say the least. By voluntarily choosing to live here, I proudly stand behind Israel’s right to exist, especially as a peaceful country. I try my hardest to stay out of political debates, as I believe I am not knowledgeable enough nor can I fully wrap my head around the surrealness of the situation. Continue reading

Gorgonzola Gnocchi with Walnuts, Arugula and Figs


Patience, for all who may be wondering, is not a virtue of mine. I have spent my life rushing through things, just for the sake of getting them done. I tend to choose instant gratification over delayed gratification because that means I can get what I want immediately rather than waiting for an unknown period of time. Only recently have I come to understand how my aversion to patience has hurt rather than helped me. Continue reading